A Pointless Debate?

Cameron has got what he wants, the TV debates have descended into a farce. 

It was stretch to include the Green Party. The broadcasters rightly concluded that they were not a major party. Unfortunately UKIP are a significant force in British politics after winning the European elections and large numbers of council seats.

As a Labour supporter, some may argue that I have a vested interested in keeping any party to the left of Labour out of the debates. Not true. I more than happy to take on the Greens. I’m not one of these lefties that thinks the Greens are great but out of loyalty votes Labour. Rather I don’t think they have creditable policies or the people to govern the country and should be challenged on this.

Having the Greens, Plaid Cymru and the SNP in a debate could be good for Labour. It will shift the discussion to issues that social democrats really care about, instead of a debate dominated by Farage banging on about Europe. So in the respect this news is welcome.

The only problem is it really won’t be a debate. How can it be? With seven parties (not to mention possibly the DUP and Respect) and only one hour and bit. I can’t imagine there will much opportunity for discussion or in-depth scrutiny.

It might make for interesting TV but it means the proposed head-to-head between the two potential Prime Minsters is really is the one to watch.