Selfish Scottish ‘Socialism’

The Ashcroft poll that predicted an SNP landslide in Scotland was thoroughly depressing. Disappointing because it showed Labour getting hit hard in its historic fiefdom, potentially leading to five more years of Cameron. But also because it could be signalling the beginning of the end of our country.

This swing is a likely a result of Sturgeon positioning the SNP to the left of Labour.

But how left-wing can a bunch of petty nationalists really be? What’s progressive about creating borders between working people? Using ‘our oil’ for ‘our people’ seems selfish not socialist.

Labour wants to tackle inequality across our country. Alleviating child poverty in Glasgow is just as important as tackling it in Birmingham. It doesn’t matter what side of Hadrian’s Wall some lives. The shared struggles we face should unite us, we should not allow the devise politics of the SNP to divide people against each other.

I wouldn’t rule out a coalition, I’m a pragmatist. But I really don’t want to see Labour get in bed with Salmond.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how left-wing the SNP might appear to be, their desire to destroy our country is something we reject.