The expulsion of Victor Mallet has rightly caused an international outcry

Originally published by Hong Kong Watch on 27/10/2018. 

""From now on journalists, if they want to keep out of trouble, will feel pressure to self-censor. Not only will this damage Hong Kong’s politics and civil society, as a free and vibrant press holds the powerful to account, but also tarnishes Hong Kong’s image across the world as an open global city."

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Hong Kong losing its reputation

Originally publsihed by the Taipei Times on 18/10/2018. 

The expulsion of the Financial Times’ (FT) Asia editor from Hong Kong is yet another sign that the territory is closing itself off from the rest of the world.
Since the handover of Hong Kong from the UK to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, the question has been: Will the newly acquired territory change the mainland or will Hong Kong become just another Chinese city?
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Petition demanding explanation for Victor Mallet visa rejection handed to Hong Kong government

Earlier this week it was announced that Financial Times Asia Editor Victor Mallet had been denied a visa by the Hong Kong authorities. There has been no formal explanation for this decision which effectively expels him from the city where he has worked as a journalist for several years. 

Many people, including the British Foreign Secretary, have concluded that this act was politically motivated. A few weeks ago, despite pressure from Beijing, the Foreign Correspondence Club (FCC), of which Mallet is Vice President, hosted an event featuring pro-independence leader Andy Chan. 

A petition has been set up by the FCC, and other free press advocacy groups, calling for this decision to be reversed (the full details can be found here - and the petition can still be signed). 

The expulsion of Mr Mallet from Hong Kong sets a dangerous precedent for journalists, academics and political activists in the future - particularly those dealing with 'sensitive' issues such as democracy, human rights and identity. 

Belabouring a Love: to stay or go?

Originally posted on Medium on 30/09/2018.

I am occasionally asked, by friends or acquaintances, if I am still a member of the Labour Party. ‘Technically’ is typically my reply — usually followed by my customary criticisms of the current state of the party.

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