Pivotal Power to glorified Aid Agency

Originally published on LabourList 12/08/2014.

Ed Miliband and Douglas Alexander want the Tories to speak out louder about the atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq, but want to rule out military intervention. Does Labour even have anything useful to add to the current debate? Is this a worrying sign of decreasing British influence in the world under a Labour government?

Blair envisioned under his premiership Britain would be a pivotal power which used its military power for peacekeeping and humanitarian causes. Currently, the Labour leadership seems to be taking a dramatically different approach to international affairs.

Alexander’s article in the Telegraph argues that the government should be ‘doing more to speak out about the continued suffering of religious minorities … inside Iraq’. It shows that Labour has the right analysis and values but fails to back this up with meaningful commitment. It’s a sad day for British foreign policy when speaking out louder is all a potential government can offer...

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