Parking not Putin

Originally posted on Medium 04/05/2017.
Voting for a local Labour councillor is not a vote for Corbyn.

Fearing a Labour landslide in liberal London the Tories went door to door telling voters yesterday’s local elections were about “Bins not Brexit”.

In a similar vein I voted for my local Labour councillor despite the national leadership. In fact, I even helped my local party ‘get out the vote’ in Southend, as I have done for the past eight years.

I cannot say that I have played a particularly critical role in these set of elections. I really have embraced a backseat mentality since stepping down as Chair of Southend Labour. In fact I have become even more disillusioned and angry with the party recently. All I did prior to Election Day was a round of leaflets for my friend who was standing. Even then I could not quite reconcile my actions with my feelings about Jeremy Corbyn and his associates.

I am sure I am not the only Labour activist or voter trying to justify my actions to myself.

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